Our Latest Online Training Sessions

Online Bioinformatics and Data Analysis Workshop for Scientists and Students (from any life science domain)
(NOTE: Topics NOT marked '*' OR '**' are free sessions from Day 1 to 8 are introductory sessions are mainly designed for internal trainees/aspiring interns. But other registered trainees can attend any of them – if they would like to.)

Day 1 Discussions on the concept of research and approaches in the current times
Day 2 An overview of bioinformatics
Day 3 Data mining in the advanced era of biological research; part 1
Day 4 Data mining in the advanced era of biological research; part 2
Day 5 Data mining in the advanced era of biological research; part 3
Day 6 Introduction to genome and genomics
Day 7 Introduction to transcriptomics
Day 8 Introduction to NGS
Day 9 An overview of NGS data-analysis and workflow (FASTQ format & depth); Screening & downloading raw data from public repositories: GEO, SRA & ENA [demo & hands-on] *
Day 10 Quality analysis and trimming of raw reads; Reference alignment of NGS reads [demo & hands-on] *
Day 11 SNP identification and annotation [demo & hands-on] *
Day 12 Quantifying genes and transcripts per sample [demo & hands-on] *
Day 13 Functional analysis of gene-clusters [demo & hands on] **
Day 14 Molecular interaction analysis, part-1 (PPIs) [demo & hands on] **
Day 15 Molecular interaction analysis, part-2 (pathways) [demo & hands-on] **
Day 16 Molecular interaction analysis, part-3 (ncRNAs) [demo & hands-on] **
Day 17 Promoter analysis, (JASPER & CLOVER analysis) [demo & hands-on] **
Day 18 Molecular interaction visualization [demo & hands-on] **

*Topics on NGS data analysis (advanced module)
**Topics for molecular functional analysis (intermediate module)

Typical NGS data analysis: Days 8 to 12; Fees*: Rs.10500/-
General Omics data analysis: Days 13 onward; Fees*: 7760/-

Further discounts are available for economically backward candidates (please apply with details/proof), students (Rs.1000 less per student) and group applicants (Rs.500 less per additional member - up to 40% discount per individual possible)

Last date to apply: 17th May 2023
Write to: shodhaka.ls@gmail.com Phone: +91- 98 440 271 25